After hours of bartering at the border and countless prayers you find yourself driving on the other side of the Zambezi with a vehicle full of supplies destined for this very thirsty land!  A land in need of Christ and a place that seems to be deprived of social Justice.  A sign appears, "Welcome to the real Africa!"  We have been travelling to this land now for the past 4 years and slowly as we have settled in we find this becoming home to ministry to children in a new way each month, week and at times even daily!


Our  Zambia ministry has seen huge strides in the past year.  We have been able to move our new well drilling rig to the site and have drilled over 20 holes and equipped them in the villages.  We are seeing thousands of children being discipled each week either through our team's efforts in children's churches on the banks of the river or through the ones we have helped start next to the main road, or through those leaders we have trained to become children's pastors, in the past few months.

We have seen a huge drought in the Western province, as if this resembles the spiritual condition of the land that sweeps this part of Zambia.  We have started feeding at some of the schools and are doing what we can to help with the most needy amongst these children.  Babies who have lost their mothers and are in desperate need of milk, children hungry at school - these being some of the first responses from our team to this crisis amongst the villages in Zambia.  Seeing hundreds of people ministered to through crusades, medical outreaches and more than 20 churches planted in the area – what a joy!

As we continue to plan and walk out on this journey we have need of labourers, investors in a filling station project and lots of prayer.  Please pray with us as we continue to see churches planted with a strong focus on the next generation!




Every week at our children's churches, we give kids the opportunity to earn “coins.” This play money is awarded to kids for attendance, learning scriptures, participating in games and so on. After a month of saving their coins, we set up our “Zambesi Kids Shop” where the children are able to make purchases. This shop is stocked with items such as clothes, soaps, toothpaste, books, toys, and more. There is nothing more humbling than watching a child stand in line and turn over their hard earned coins for a bar of soap, leaving the toys behind. The need for the basic necessities of life is so great!  We are raising funds, and making connections with clothing stores and other outlets to keep our Kids Shop stocked.

By rewarding the children for their dedication to learning the Word of God, we are also instilling in them the values of financial stewardship.

As part of our efforts to help the ministry sustain some of it’s own needs, we have established a small lodge on the river of the Zambezi, in the western province of Zambia.  We have named it Shikwaru on the Zambezi  and you will find the same services and experience you have come to expect from Shikwaru! Shikwaru on the Zambezi hosts quaint luxury tents right on the banks of the Zambezi! The sights and sounds of wild Africa are just within reach as you relax and enjoy your exotic getaway.  Shikwaru offers guests the luxury of a viewing deck and an open air restaurant with incredible views of the Zambezi. Come and experience the warm hearts of the people and the exhilaration of floating down the ancient Zambezi River - a river filled with tiger fish and adventure - a river that allows us to access many villages in order to reach them for Christ.



Over the last two years we have seen more than
50 water wells dug in communities all around the Sioma District of Zambia! Even though this number
is great, the need is greater still. In the year 2017,
we have proposed to drill 100 more wells. These rural communities are in desperate need. It is such
a blessing to be a part of this work in Zambia. 
Seeing a child drink clean water from a safe well
in their own community for the first time is truly a gift from God.  This is what drives us to continue
the hard work that the Lord has given us in this
area of the world.



Throughout the local area we have started feeding programmes. Currently we are feeding 2,055 children with five meals a week during the school year.  We minister in six different schools and each of these schools have started a garden. Wells have been drilled in each of these communities. These wells and gardens will provide additional food for the feeding programmes.  Internships through “OneHope” are starting Foundations for Farming classes within the schools. This training will help current and future students learn to be self-sufficient in growing their own food.