During these past few years one of our goals as an organisation was to focus in on communities where we could invest a lot of
our time and resources in order to assist the churches in these identified communities start to or continue to disciple the children in their communities in the most effective manner possible.


Strong relationships and developing a strategy unique for each community was at the heart of this commitment.  Some of the stories told here are from these communities that we identified and together we continue to work, hand in hand with the body of Christ in these communities, seeing children reached and developing plans to influence the influencers in children’s lives.  By no means are these the only communities we have invested in, but this remains a goal for us to see a pilot done and done well so we can showcase and help continue to grow this movement we are part of – seeing a generation reached and transformed!

Some of our investment was made to train leaders to launch leadership academies, investing in Educators to develop as chaplains, training children’s leaders and pastors with skills, focusing on the families through the Our Family programme, as well as raising mentors who will start Centreshot clubs and disciple children through archery in the schools.


We feel that training is a key component to intentionally reach the next generation of children and youth.  By providing training that is informative and provides strategic training and skills development, we feel that individuals can put what they learn into practice immediately.  You will find that each of our “tools” has a training component, as we believe in developing programs and tools that are to be freely used within communities. We believe that it is only through creative products, programs and the constant development of leaders in the Body of Christ that we will be able to together reach a generation!


To be part of a movement goes beyond your own capacity.  We have always believed in partnering with those who share the values we hold dear.  Each partner in our efforts have been a blessing to the many who have been impacted over the years with Reaching a Generation.  With a grateful heart to the Lord we thank those who have been part of this incredible movement we are seeing in our part of the world!


We have the privilege to say thank you on behalf of those impacted by your dedication to reaching the next generation. Each person who has in some way contributed provides reason for a grateful heart.  Every little change taking place is due to the efforts of so many and today we say thank you!