You can be a part of our journey to rebuild the families in our nation!  As we look toward the future, we see a new generation
of children standing up and becoming those who lead in our countries. It is now that we have the opportunity to impact and influence these children in South Africa and Zambia. Through the continuous development of our ministry “tools” we are able to make a lasting impact on not only the children, but also on the individuals who take part in the ministry in their communities.


We want to partner with people around the world who share a passion for reaching children in their own areas. You can take part in the next season of Reaching a Generation! Wether you are supporting one of our multiple endeavors or helping to establish one of our ministry tools in your own community. Tools ranging from the International Leadership Academy, the National School of Chaplaincy Programme, and much much more. We’ve built these tools to be given away to the Body of Christ here, and around the world!


We firmly believe that running a profitable business is a God given ministry tool to help us become more sustainable as a ministry and help us expand our outreach. To that end, we are running Shikwaru and its various offerings as efficiently and effectively as possible…and we only want to improve going forward! We believe that God has called us to be the salt of the earth, a city on a hill - and this extends to all aspects of our work here. We serve a God who is concerned with issues like economic development, employment, and economic justice. At Shikwaru we hope to not only create a resource of funds for the ministry, but also to have a safe Christian working environment for employees and volunteers. The businesses we have started are fully owned by the ministry and help us work towards a succession plan for Reaching a Generation.


Through our Shikwaru Estates project we are able to sell plots of land here on our farm. Once people purchase a plot they are able to develop their own property. We believe that God has blessed this land, and are thankful for the ministry ‘family’ that live on it. We pray that as Shikwaru Estates grows, God’s anointing and unity would be upon those who live here and call it home along with us. This is a huge resource for us here at Reaching a Generation and we would ask that you would pray with us that God would bless and prosper this endeavor.


Shikwaru Hunting is another great source of ministry support for us. At Shikwaru Lodge, people from all around the world come to be a
part of the hunt of a lifetime. We have many different species of game on our farm.  Therefore, we are able not only to raise funds through hunting, but also to provide meat for the lodge as well as make donations to various feeding projects. With every game trophy taken here, up to 30% of the bill balance can be written off as a direct donation to the ministry. This is yet another example of God’s faithfulness and provision. By hosting hunting expeditions, we are able to raise money to help continue the work of God in our land. In addition to our hunting brand we also operate a professional game breeding programme, which not only generates revenue through sales but also continues to grow our own herds.


At Shikwaru Lodge we will soon be the first licensed Mathew’s Bow dealership in the Mokopane region. This is a sustainability project for us as this is the same equipment used in our mentorship programmes. By building a bow shop and becoming a retailer of such high quality archery equipment, we hope to increase revenue for our ministry. We believe that God has given us this opportunity for a business partnership with Mathew’s for a reason. As we enter a new season for Reaching a Generation, we also enter a new season for Shikwaru.
We are thankful for this growth and are praying that it will become a long term source of ministry income.


Water Wells - Zambia

We have seen over 40 water wells dug and equipped in the last year!  We envision over 100 new wells in the next season, establishing a children’s church at each and every well site.


Feeding Program - Zambia

As good nutrition and farming continues to be a challenge, we have established feeding programs in 6 of the schools in the Sioma area.  Through partnership with OneHope and Foundations for Farming, our goal is to establish gardens at each school in order to provide nutrition and sustainability to each of the feeding projects.


Island’s of Hope Children’s Churches  and Sustaining Needs- Zambia

Basic needs can be a challenge to meet for many families in the Western Province of Zambia.  It is not rare to see extremely desolate clothes on children.  In the next season our hope is to establish partnerships enabling us to provide clothes and basic necessities as part of our children’s church program. We also envision establishing 30 to 40 more children’s churches in the next season.


Community Wide Outreach - South Africa

Through the Community Wide Outreach program children are being evangelized, educators are being mentored and leaders are being developed.  We are planning on reaching 900,000 children in the next season through this endeavor.


The International Leadership Academy - South Africa

In the next season we would like to continue to grow the impact of the program in South Africa by establishing an Academy in each of the 9 provinces.  Directors from India, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, USA, and many other have been trained and have begun the process of launching the program in there community.


Centreshot - South Africa

We envision growing Centreshot by establishing coordinators in each of our 9 provinces, as well continuing to establish closer relationships between NASP (National Archery in Schools Program) and Centreshot within schools in the country. We have begun the process of establishing Centershot in Botswana and Nambia and force it growing rapidly in the next season.


The National School Chaplaincy Programme - South Africa

In the next season we want to ensure we are effectively recruiting and supporting within all 9 provinces in South Africa. We anticipate growing the program by 30% as we redefine and better the curriculum.



The Shikwaru story has its beginning 12 years ago when founder Jacques van Bommel had a vision of developing a sanctuary for families and children. This vision included an African wildlife conservation programme and affordable lodging that would support a ministry that would impact the whole of southern Africa.


Shikwaru is situated in the Waterberg mountain range biosphere in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The lodge is a mere 2 hours drive from Johannesburg and is located 28 km southeast of Mokopane (Potgietersrus).  It is home to more than 20 species of exceptional African mammals coupled with countless bird and reptile species. The availability of ample water ensures long term viability of all of these species.


Shikwaru is also home to more than just gracious lodging and wildlife.  It remains a setting where you can find yourself as you enjoy this very unique place with a clear purpose of changing lives! Reaching a Generation, a ministry to children, operates from this amazing venue. All of the income generated through this operation is used to help our children in Africa.  When visiting us you truly become part of this amazing family and ministry.


Shikwarus’ core set of values are God, family and children. Your support and contributions make it possible for us to continue and change the lives and future of African children.


So it remains … Africa, our heritage, our hope!



Imagine using what we love to do to see lives changed.  Many of us use our hobbies to influence our families, interest groups and even our own lives, but here is a story of someone who made a hobby into a mission’s field.  Meet Pastor David Crabtree, a pastor at Calvary Church in Greensboro North Carolina.  Pastor David is an amazing orator and writer.  He is a sought after speaker and has travelled the world in search of God's will to see lives impacted with the Gospel through missions.  I remember standing in Zambia about 3 years ago in the bush in the middle of nowhere and seeing village upon village with huge needs all around us.  Pastor David asked me "Jacques, what am I doing here,  a pastor in North Carolina?"  I felt the Lord just drop into my heart the words,  " Pastor, do you see anyone else here?"   For the past 3 years this has become the theme of this journey with Hope Ride.  Going where the Gospel is most needed, as the western parts of Zambia still remain unreached.  Imagine the efforts to ride on a bicycle through Africa and then imagine the impact these funds raised through the ride has had on Africa.  Everything from giving water, to raising leaders, to sharing the Word of God through the Book of Hope to children.  This hobby has changed so many lives and Pastor David has been able to move his friends and those close to him to come on this journey with us where we see God's word penetrating, and in a practical way, helping those most in need of help!  His hobby and this fundraising event has become a highlight for thousands of lives being impacted with the love and perseverance of these men and of Christ.  Today we salute all those who have journeyed with him on this ride to cycles hundreds of miles over a period of one week to change lives!





“I am a local church pastor… and an avid cyclist. I connect my passion for missions with my passion for the bike. To that end, I founded Hope Ride in 2011. This is my fifth Hope Ride, the latest in a decade of endurance events to help fund missions projects in southern Africa. What started as a little group ride with friends has grown into a year-round training cycle serving a cause that never ceases to inspire. I ride for kids – for clean water – for missionary outreach – for hope.


Hope Ride partners with Reaching a Generation, a South Africa-based ministry that focuses on the needs of children. In addition to missionary outreach, Reaching a Generation operates a state-of-the-art water drilling rig to help meet one of the greatest needs of the region. Because of Hope Ride, Sunday School teams are carried up the Zambezi on pontoon boats for children’s outreach, a base has been established where Christian efforts had been abandoned, and church planters are being trained for a long term presence in Zambia. Hope Ride 2016 will cover more than 600 miles and cross three nations from Mokopone, South Africa, to our western Zambezi River base in Zambia. The ride crosses wild Africa where elephants, ostriches, warthogs, baboons and jackals create an unforgettable backdrop for cycling. This year I will be joined by three training partners. We share a singular passion: to bring life, hope and clean water to the children of western Zambia. We will be supported by follow vehicles and helped by sponsors. You can help too. Check out the video and visit our giving site. Bookmark our blog - we will be updating daily during the ride.”


David Crabtree serves as Lead Pastor of Calvary Church, an Assemblies of God Fellowship in Greensboro, NC.